The best bars in Cary, NC.

Discover Cary, NC’s Best Nightlife Spots – A Guide to the Best Bars in Cary

Residing in our apartments in Cary means having the best of home comforts at your fingertips, from a luxurious pool, entertainment lounge, to a cozy coffee and hot chocolate bar, and an expansive clubhouse. There’s plenty to adore about living here. However, there are times when the allure of Cary’s vibrant nightlife beckons, and you’ll find several enticing bars in close vicinity. Below is a list of top bars around Reserve at Cary Park for those evenings out.


A mere 15-minute journey from our apartments introduces you to SideBar, where the promise of meticulously crafted cocktails awaits. With a chic yet welcoming ambience, it’s a place where a drink like a Bruleed Greyhound, Carolina’s Gold, or a timeless Cosmopolitan becomes an experience. Beyond cocktails, a selection of beers, wines, and ciders complete the menu. Visit the SideBar website for a peek at their offerings.

Bond Brothers Beer Company

Dual locations in downtown Cary make Bond Brothers Beer Company a magnet for beer enthusiasts. The brewery and taproom scene serves up an engaging mix of refreshments in a family-oriented setting, showcasing IPAs, ciders, stouts, sours, lagers, and more. Alternatively, their music venue pulses with live performances, pouring the same beloved brews. Dive into the Bond Brothers Beer Company website for comprehensive details.

Mac’s Tavern

For those craving live tunes, Mac’s Tavern, located slightly over ten miles from our apartments, offers the perfect backdrop. Expect friendly faces, an invitational atmosphere, and an appealing patio. This local sports dive celebrates with outdoor and indoor screens, alongside a booming music stage. Keep tabs on the Mac’s Tavern Facebook page for current happenings and offers.

Hickory Tavern

For those preferring a shorter venture, Hickory Tavern, situated nearby, serves as a stellar chain option. Whether it’s unwinding post-work or gearing up for a weekend adventure, this place has it all – from drinks to dishes – ensuring every visit is memorable. Peruse the Hickory Tavern’s website for more.

Crosstown Pub & Grill

Embrace the essence of Cary’s original downtown pub ambiance at Crosstown Pub & Grill. This lively haunt is known for its fantastic fare, diverse drink selection, standout prices, and top-tier service. It’s a definitive checklist for a great bar experience. Explore the full range of offerings on the Crosstown Pub & Grill website.

MacGregor Draft House

With a motto of “Eat Well, Drink Happy,” MacGregor Draft House stands as a pillar of the community for over a decade. Offering a family-friendly, sports-dedicated space, it’s where any day can be turned around with great food and a vast beer selection. Discover what’s on tap and more by visiting the MacGregor Draft House website.

As evening falls and you’re drawn to the magnetic nightlife Cary has to offer, these nearby bars and pubs ensure your nights out are always memorable. Consider dropping by Reserve at Cary Park as your starting point to an unforgettable evening.

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