Spring time family DIY projects.

5 Engaging DIY crafts for families to enjoy at our Cary apartments

Living at our apartments in Cary offers an array of delightful family activities. Whether it’s dipping in our upscale swimming pool, grilling on the BBQ station by the pool, an exciting basketball game on our indoor court, or simply sipping a cup of hot cocoa at our café area – family bonding can’t get any better or easier. For those times when the creative bug bites, we’ve got a list of wonderful DIY projects the whole family can engage in, right in the comfort of your home. Here are 5 engaging family DIY projects you can undertake at Reserve at Cary Park.

Design a whimsical Fairy Garden for Your Patio or Front Porch

Fairy gardens bring a touch of magical whimsy to your outdoor space. Highly versatile, they can be as straightforward or as elaborate as you wish, making them a perfect fit for craft enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a gardening newbie, you’re sure to find creating a delightful fairy garden an enriching experience.

Begin by picking an area of your yard that gets abundant sunshine. Prepare a container at least 12 inches deep, ready to plant some flora. You could opt for a unique container like an old teapot, a birdbath, or even a hollow log for a creative twist. Once your container is packed with potting soil and a layer of rocks for drainage, go ahead and plant your favorite small, easy-maintenance plants. And finally, finish off your enchanting garden by adding miniature decorations and natural elements to create a realistic look. Ready-made tutorials can be found here.

Assemble a Homey Family Photo Wreath

Display your love for family heritage right from the entrance with a DIY family tree wreath. Select two photos for each surname and fit them inside miniature frames. Leaves, made out of surnames printed on an old canvas drop cloth, surrounding the photos complete the tree. As for the wreath backing, household items like strong cardboard or a pool noodle cut and shaped into a circle will do. Wrap the backing in ribbon, fabric, or burlap for a more cultured look. This all becomes a charming way to commemorate your family history. Inspirations can be found here.

Build a Bird Feeder or Birdhouse

Birdhouses and feeders are a vibrant addition to your yard and a fun DIY project to engage kids, while teaching them basic woodworking skills. These beginner-friendly projects can be found here and here.

Create Personalized Family Photo Coasters

Convert your treasured family photos into stunning coasters. Print and cut the photos to align with the size of the ceramic tiles you’ve purchased from a home center. Next, write names, apply Mod Podge to stick the photo, add a couple of Mod Podge layers to seal, and then let it dry. Add a clear protective coating and adhere felt circles on the backside of each tile. These exclusive photo tile coasters are then ready to adorn your home. The complete tutorial can be found here.

Craft Fun and Customized Curtains

Involve your child in decorating their room in a fun and educative way by crafting curtains together. This activity also serves as a learning opportunity, augmenting their sewing and measuring abilities. Get inspired by these fantastic ideas for window treatments.

With these exciting DIY projects, you’ll have plenty of fun crafting with your family at Reserve at Cary Park.

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